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Betting dictionary: types and terminologies SureBet

Detailed betting dictionary of odds and terminologies used, to help you correctly interpret which bets to place and to avoid mistakes.
Each Bookmaker has a description that differentiates bets from others, especially for particular types, but it is also important to know the terminologies used, in order to move without doubt in the world of safe betting that you will find on the SureBet, ValueBet and Exchange pages

Dictionary of types: Quotas

The following acronyms can be combined to describe the event being listed. For example:
RYC-T1-PT-TO0.5: Yellow Cards – Team 1 – First Half – Total Over 0.5

One Team is given a start that is equivalent to the handicap, while the other is asked to win an event with more scores than the odds. It is a straight-up bet, no draw is contemplated (Draw No Bet (DNB), from English “on the draw there is no bet”)

Other: identifies any other type opposite the corresponding one. Frequently used for MultiGol types: Yes – opposite: Not, No, Other.

Number or share of corner kicks that are taken in a match

Out of three available exact results (1 – X – 2) you can bet on two possibilities (1X, X2 and 12)

One Team is given a start that is equivalent to the handicap, while the other is asked to win an event with more scores than the odds. Compared to Asian, a draw is contemplated

An event may or may not occur at both times

Both teams must meet the event requirement

G Game in the set/meet/team

Both teams score within regulation time.

This is a type of bet based on the total number of goals scored during the match. Multigoal, similar to under/over, is divided into ranges of expected goals

Excludes scheduled times or Teams in the match

Exact Number of Goals, Corners, Cards, Game, Points

One or none of the Teams score over the entire match

Predict a Team’s victory even if they concede a goal

Predict the victory of a team that does not concede a goal

Team or time in which no goal is scored

An event does not occur at any time

Team, event: manifests first

Team, event or time: score more goals

One or both teams do not concede a goal

Event occurring in the first half

Fourth(number) of the basketball meeting.

Team suffers an expulsion or time in which there is anexpulsion

Exact Goal/Set Result

Number or events of red/yellow cards awarded

Set(number) of the tennis match

Team or time in which a goal is scored

Team or time in which the prediction of the event is wrong

Exact number of total goals scored in a game

Team scores at least one goal

Event occurring in the second half

Event that occurs in a given time

Home Team – Team A – Athlete A

Away Team, Team B, Athlete B

Tie-Break in a Set or Tennis Match

The number of goals/points scored is higher than the value determined

Head to Head: final result meeting

The number of goals/points scored is less than the value determined

Team or event that occurs last

Team, event manifesting is equal

Team or Athlete wins in the given event

Dictionary of Terminologies: Encyclopedia

List of terminologies used in our finderBet service or found in Bookmakers

Bookmaker Translation

Abbreviation for arbitrage

It is a situation that results in a mathematical calculation in which, by betting on opposite outcomes of different bookmakers of an event, a sure profit is always generated.

Betting a sum of money, predicting that an event will not happen

Translated Bookie, proposes odds on multiple events of a match and receives bets on them

Some Excenge Bookmakers charge a commissions percentage on net winnings

Agreement under which an entity (bookmaker in our case) holds funds on behalf of a customer (player) and provides them with goods or services

Amount of money deposited into the account opened with a bookmaker

Determined type of odds: exact result, under/over, etc.

Betting Exchange is a particular type of betting that involves users being able to bank and wager bets, it is also known as Betting and Banking

Real-time event, during the course of the match

Match, game that takes place between teams or between athletes

Matched Betting is carried out to convert bonuses disbursed by Bookmakers into withdrawable money. Determines a certain partial gain

Translation of Match

The act of withdrawing money from an account. It is not allowed to withdraw sums of money, which have not been wagered at least once

Event listed before the start of the match/match

Betting a sum of money, predicting that an event will happen

Probability offered by the bookmaker to quote the chance of an event materializing:

odds of 1.80 = 80% chance: betting 100 gives a net win of 80

Final and conclusive outcome of a match/match

From Sure Betting “Sure Betting” or Sports Arbitrage

Commitment of a sum of money on the expected outcome of an event

Team or athlete competing in a sporting event

ValueBet translated “value odds” is the actual (prediction) odds that are greater than the bookmaker’s odds. Winning is not guaranteed

Advanced filters: quota types grouped into macro categories

Description of the types of quotas grouped into the macro categories of the advanced filters of our services


  • Final Results
  • Final Results – Times / Teams
  • Double Chance – Times / Teams
  • First Goal/Last Goal
  • GolGol / NoGol
  • Odd/Even Goals
  • Time with More Goals
  • Under / Over – Times / Teams
  • Exact Number – Times / Teams
  • Goal Sum – Times / Teams
  • Multi Goals – Times / Teams
  • European Handicap
  • European Handicap – Times
  • Asian Handicap
  • Asian Handicap – Times
  • European Handicap / Asian Handicap
  • Handicap/Final Results
  • Handicap / Double Chance
  • Penalty Yes / No
  • Penalty Yes / No – Times / Teams
  • Corner Under/Over
  • Corner Exact Number
  • Corner – Times / Teams
  • European Handicap Corner
  • Corner European Handicap – Times
  • Asian Handicap Corner
  • Asian Handicap Corner – Times
  • Corner European Handicap / Corner Asian Handicap.
  • Corner Handicap/More Corner Teams
  • Corner European Handicap / Corner Asian Handicap – Times
  • Corner Even / Corner Odd
  • More Corner Teams
  • First Corner
  • Last Corner
  • NG No / Yes – Wins to zero
  • Score / Don’t Score – Times
  • Door inviolate
  • Missing Penalty
  • Wins Times No / Yes
  • Under/Over Cards
  • Cards Exact Number
  • Cards – Times / Teams
  • European Handicap Cards
  • European Handicap Cards – Times
  • Asian Handicap Cards
  • Asian Handicap Cards – Times
  • European Handicap Cards / Asian Handicap Cards.
  • Handicap Cards/More Team Cards
  • European Handicap Cards / Asian Handicap Cards – Times
  • Ejections – Times – Teams
  • More Team Cards
  • First Card
  • Last Card
  • On Penalties Yes/No
  • Own Goal Yes/No
  • Additional Yes/No
  • Referee consults VAR Yes/No


  • Final Results
  • Final Quarter Results Without Discard/Margin.
  • Final Quarter Results With Margin
  • Final Results Time Without Discard/Margin.
  • Extra Time – Overtime
  • Under/Over Points – Extra Time Included
  • Points Under/Over Quarters – Extra Time Included
  • Points Under/Over Times – Extra Time Included
  • Points Under/Over Teams – Extra Time Included
  • Asian Handicap
  • Asian Handicap – Quarters
  • Asian Handicap – Times
  • Asian Handicap / Final Results
  • Total Even/Odd Points
  • Total Points Quarters Odd/Even
  • Total Points Odd/Even Times
  • Total Points Teams Odd/Even


  • Head to Head
  • Head to Head Set
  • Tie-Break
  • Wins at least 1 Set
  • Wins more than 1 Set
  • Head to Head + Games Over/Under
  • Total Set Under/Over
  • Exact Set/Match Result
  • Set Betting
  • Exact Number Set
  • Asian Handicap
  • Asian Mixed Handicap / Final Results.
  • Total Game Odd/Even
  • Game Match Total
  • Game Set Total
  • Game Team Total
  • Sum Game
  • Game Match Asian Handicap
  • Asian Handicap Game Set