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ValueBet Real Yield

Valuebet: FinderBet annuity VS Real annuity

Questions are often asked about what is the “real return” of ValueBets, because since it is a medium- to long-term annuity, it becomes essential to have a current snapshot as opposed to a hypothetical assessment of future economic return.
Before moving on to the statistical analysis we have conducted and published on this page, if you have not already done so, we encourage you to read our guide of how finderBet calculates the “value shares“, which we recall to be the odds predicted by a bookmaker of an event of a match, which turns out to be higher than what is believed to be fair (actual odds).
bookmaker’s share > real share
Let us go through the published graphs in their individual parts, graphs that will be constantly updated in the future.

ValueBet: Example chart

Below is an example of a published graph, with an explanation of the individual parts:


  1. Odds range: The example takes into consideration the odds between 1.8 and 2.2. In the law of large numbers, deriving from the medium/long-term income game, the number of lost/won bets balances out and in the case of number of wins = number of losses the probability must be at least 50% in favor, so as to ensure balance the budget and confidently aspire to profit. It follows that in all the graphs shown, the quota bands straddling quota 2 are taken into consideration, such as: 1.9-2.1 / 1.8-2.2 / 1.7-2.3 / 1.6-2.4 / 1.5-2.5. From the study conducted, a further widening of the quota bands leads to an unprofitable dispersion of capital.
  2. Examine …. on Total: the most important data is represented by the total of the odds that have been analysed, both won and lost for a given odds range, a data that will be constantly updated in the time, to re-determine the real value bet income based on the total volume of bets.
  3. ROI% – Lose & Win: This is the REAL percentage of return from ValueBet finderBet (ROI). We have added the number of games won (W) and the number of games lost (L) in the second line, so as to have the total W+L of the odds that are playable for a given range.
  4. Real Income %: Scale of the real income determined by the ValueBet and this is what determines the profit over time (ROI)
  5. FinnderBet return %: It is the percentage shown on the ValueBet page at the beginning of each line. This is a parameter to determine the quality of the ValueBet, the higher it is, the more it determines a deviation in the odds compared to the others analyzed. The => is shown in the graphs, this means that all those odds that have a % higher than , determining a distinction of the odds not only by bands, but also by goodness, are included in the statistics. In this case the study determined that percentages below <6% do not result in a profit over time.

Taking inspiration from the example and reporting in the description we have:

  • Total odds analyzed for statistical purposes = 5575 out of a Total = 20529
  • which belong to the 1.9-2.1
  • quota range

  • which for example for =>10.5% there is a total of wins W.60 + lossesL.38 = Total played 98

Reporting the data from the graph:

FinderBet percentage =>10.5% VS Real percentage 21.67% – Playable Valuebets= won W.60 + lost L.38 = 98

ValueBet: Statistics, January 2022 to the present.

Below is the data from the statistical study conducted on the real income of the ValueBet finderBet, a study that we will constantly update over time:






ValueBet: Statistics on individual books, January 2022 to present

Below is the data from the statistical study conducted on the real income of the ValueBet finderBet of the individual books, in documents that can be downloaded and consulted separately. If the graphs contained in the document do not reflect anything, it means that for that specific book there were no ValueBet “value odds”.

An example of the 5 graphs for each single book contained in the files:

ValueBet book – Odds range: 1.9-2.1 – Reviewed: X of Total: Y

ValueBet book – Odds range: 1.8-2.2 – Reviewed: X out of Total: Y

ValueBet book – Odds range: 1.7-2.3 – Reviewed: X out of Total: Y

ValueBet book – Odds range: 1.6-2.4 – Reviewed: X out of Total: Y

ValueBet book – Odds range: 1.5-2.5 – Reviewed: X out of Total: Y

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