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finderBet Affiliation

finderBet Affiliation

Finderbet affiliation has decided to offer an opportunity to all those who have a passion in the world of surebets, but who want to have an extra income even without necessarily doing them.
Well yes, you can collaborate with finderBet and promote our services, making money without necessarily having to subscribe to our services

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliation is a common way to promote a service and profit from it.

If you are a betting enthusiast, would like to earn extra income, and identify with any of these statements:

  • I have a Telegram channel
  • I have a YouTube channel
  • I run a betting blog
  • I follow a group of betting enthusiasts

you can help them earn money with surebets and earn yourself because you suggested it!

The terms of joining the affiliate program are simple:
  • We only approve websites and publishers
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is €50.00
  • Using the affiliate program to reduce the cost of the end-user’s subscription is prohibited.
  • To be able to withdraw your commissions, you will need to refer at least 5 paying customers to us
  • If your resources do not generate any traffic or new registrations for 6 months, the accumulated credit will be settled and the affiliate account will be disabled

finderBet Affiliate: how much do you earn?


on every subscription that is made by one of your affiliates, you will receive 10% forever, for every renewal for each subscriber.

With the finderBet Affiliate, you will have a


You will earn without investing in subscriptions

Give your followers or friends the opportunity to earn with SureBets

Have a lifelong income, even without doing surebets.