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Matched Betting: Exchange Point-to-Point

Matched Betting: Exchange Point-to-Point and Point-to-Bank

After the guide“Matched Betting: what is it,” if you haven’t already read it I encourage you to do so, let’s look at an additional way of doing Matched Betting, besides using sure bets, to:
  • Having more funds available
  • Having more matches available to combine
  • Having more choices of markets
  • Have more chances to do matched betting without having limits
To meet the demands finderBet realizes and offers an absolute novelty, the first

Exchange Point/Point

… in addition to the Point/Bank!

Exchange according to finderBet

The following guide explains the individual steps to make the most of the potential of findeBet’s Exchange, looking in detail at the tools and the various possibility of matched betting.

It is essential to use the filters, specifically structured for the Exchange market, when searching for the combinations of interest among the thousands of combinations available, where it is necessary to identify a specific quota, a specific book that grants the bonus or any other need.

Let’s analyze them in detail:


  1. Open “FILTERS
  2. Bookmakers: One or more bookmakers to be selected from those available. Those filtered in “Account/Filtri
  3. are excluded

  4. Q. Book min.:  Minimum selection odds on the bookmaker. Those filtered in “Account/Filters”
  5. are excluded

  6. Exchange: One or more Exchanges to select from those available.
  7. Sports: If you have a bonus for a specific market or leagues
  8. Ex Markets: by selecting the sport you can filter the types of shares on the Exchange
  9. Date fields: select the period FROM – TO or TODAY – Within X hours
  10. Minimum profit. % (ROI): the minimum rating to search for, the combinations are listed in descending order
  11. All: you can distinguish the Punta/Punta or Punta/Bank
  12. combinations

  13. Avail. min …€: Minimum availability on the Exchange market
  14. Championships: search for a championship and save it in the filters.

Once the environment filters have been set, these can be saved permanently, so as to be recalled at each visit:


Oddsmatcher: The Exchange automatic calculator

Let’s start from the ordering of the page combinations:


There are two systems foreseen:

  • Profit: Order the percentage of ROI expressed as a percentage
  • Date: By the date the match takes place

Let’s move on to an example of a combination, analyzing the individual parts that compose it:

ROI The ROI determines the profit as a percentage of the bet, >0% positive, <0% negative

Explodes the Alternatives, i.e. those combinations that concern the same match and market of other books, compared to the main one

Opens the Oddsmatcher, the calculator that helps calculate the bets to place

To distinguish the type of combination you are interested in and to avoid errors, we have adopted a color that recalls the Exchange markets. Below is an example of comparison:


Once you click on the “Calculator” icon, the Oddsmatcher opens. Let’s see how to set a bet to calculate the combination, with some important precautions:


First action to carry out, set the BOOK bet and the following are automatically calculated: the book bet, the profit and the amount of liability of the Exchange. Note that the commission setting is set to 5% by default, but can be changed to your preference, which will recalculate the Exchange’s liability.

in case of a different nature of bet that one wants to make we have:

  • Normal: Set the amount you must place to receive a sport, to transfer funds


  • RiskFree (RF): It is the amount that the bookmaker reimburses you for that bet. Example: you play 30 and you get 10 back


  • Bonus (BR): It is the amount of a bonus already acquired, which you want to convert into available and withdrawable capital.

Management of available funds

When operating in the marked Exchange, it is noted that funds are not always available to place, this entails a limit on movement activities. Fortunately, finderbBet helps us with this, with the diversity of combinations: Bet/Bank but also with Bet/Put.

But not only that, the Oddsmatcher comes to our aid by calculating and warning us with the traffic light whether the available funds are sufficient or not:

  • GREEN: The funds are sufficient

there are funds

  • RED: funds are not sufficient

Non ci they are funds

Now you have all the features of the finderBet Exchange at your disposal, because:

Calculations with Rating >100% are SUREBET

With the finderbBet Exchange you can do TWICE as much as Matched Betting

Punta/Punta e Punta/Bank

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