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Profit Tracker: complete guide

Profit Tracker: An advanced tool for storing bets and statistics

Complete guide on the Profit Tracker, a comprehensive and powerful tool for tracking bets from all the services offered by finderBet.
Below are details of how to store your bets, record your profits, and have a balance sheet of the profits generated on the various books. We devoted a session on real perceived return ROI, with the ability to create separate reports by book, by period, and by service type.
A tool that helps us in money management, adopting a strategy that allows us to manage the game budget and earn money scientifically with the services finderbet provides.

How to save a play

The SureBet, ValueBet and Exchange services differ from each other and it follows that the way in which the bets are saved are different.

The save buttonsalva_surebet is placed in the ducher of the SureBet and in the Oddsmatcher, while it is located next to the bet of the ValueBet.

Once clicked, the pop-app will open to proceed with the final saving. In the case of SureBet and the Exchange the following will open:

while for the ValueBet you must indicate the amount of the bet placed:


To view your saved games, simply access from the ACCOUNT > PROFIT TRACKER:

My Profits: my saved plays.

MY PROFITS is the screen where newly placed bets, indicated by the services, are saved. All the values entered in the calculators, amounts, odds, are faithfully reported by sport and type of service. Profit_Tracker

For saved games, the odds and stake contents can be modified and a bonus received can be inserted, for the following reasons:

  • The fee changed during acceptance
  • A play in the book had to be repeated
  • You have a bonus available which is spent on a bet.

Once the values have been modified, you need to click on the UPDATE. button

The NOTE entered when saving the game is shown at the top and can be modified at any time before validation:


An important action is to register a BONUS, as this will become part of the total bet, but subtracted for statistical and accounting purposes from the amount played in the book, according to the following formula:


In the statistics of the single BOOK the total is considered as TOTAL BOOK AMOUNT, while for the calculation of the ROI income the total amount played is taken into consideration.

When the event has been played and the outcome of the bet is certain, the “Select status” drop-down menu opens next to the individual book and it is specified whether the player won or lost or has been refunded (e.g. in the event of cancellation). To help us, the system automatically sets the LOST if you selected the WON first:

Once you select the status of the game, you move on to VALIDATION, that is, the data recorded within the game of a finished event is validated:

A saved game can be permanently deleted from the Profit Tracker by using the trash can button

The bets are saved in order of the date on which the event was played, from the most recent to the following, and can be filtered for a quicker search of the events to be validated:

Saved games can be filtered based on:

  1. Type of service
  2. Event start date
  3. Event end date
  4. By combination of one or more parameters of the first 3 points exposed

Profit Tracker: Manual entry of a bet

In the potential offered by the Profit tracker features, there is the possibility of manually inserting a bet, for the following reasons

  • You found a game manually without using calculators
  • You forgot to save a game and it no longer appears in the calculators
  • You want to record a second play similar, but not identical to the one proposed by the calculators
  • Free choice!

By accessing the Profit Tracker, click on the + button to insert a personalized bet:


The following screen will appear, in which the first selection indicates the type of game you want to memorize:


A number of lines will appear equal to the number of events selected in the drop-down menu next to the type of game chosen. Continuing to fill in the fields, you will notice that some fields are mandatory for saving purposes, while others are optional. For this last step you will be greeted by the appropriate icons which indicate:

obbligatorio The field is obligatory

The field is optional or correctly filled in

Once the game has been compiled, you can save it with ok

or cancel the operation and return to the main screen

My Profits: meeting statistics for validation

The power of our Profit Tracker evolves and comes to the aid of the user who needs to validate a bet. For this reason, direct links to statistics programs that collect event information have been introduced.

Below is an example of how to view the information of a match already played:

After clicking on the event link, the following statistics will appear:

This information is available for any sport and for any match that is calculated in all finderbet services.

Validated Profits: history of events already played

The VALIDATED PROFITS is the screen that collects the history of events already played and therefore validated.

Single lines will be shown on the screen, one for each type of service, each of which shows all the information that contributed to the bet. To view the details of the bets, simply open the arrow at the beginning of each line.

the PROFIT is the sum of the book bets expressed in currency.

The NOTE inserted when saving the game is shown at the bottom with the reference to the “I” icon


If you have mistakenly validated an event, which in reality was not held, or you want to make changes to the amounts, you can return to the original situation by clicking on the INVALIDATE: button.

As soon as the bet is invalidated, it will become available again on the My Profits screen

Also in this case, you can permanently delete a bet from the PROFIT TRACHER with the trash can button

Profit tracker: The multi eliminates bets

If you want to proceed with the elimination of the bets not individually, there is the possibility of acting with a single action with the multi eliminate

The operation can be carried out both on the My profits page which collects the bets to be validated, and on the Validated profits page which collects the bets already validated.

After clicking on the appropriate button, the following screens will appear:

My profits

By setting the Start Date and End Date, the DELETE button will appear

Validated profits

ATTENTION: As the sentence above states, the deletion operation is permanent and the bets can no longer be recovered.

This operation WILL NO LONGER ALLOW the recovery of deleted games

Bookmakers Hits: individual book review

The BOOKMAKERS HITS represents the most important tool for money management, as it allows you to easily keep an eye on the balance sheet performance of the individual books and manage the budget game:

Let’s analyze the individual parts:

  • Bookmaker: a book can appear several times for different types of bets, in order to quantify the economic weight distinguished by service.
  • Type: intended as the type of service used
  • Hits: Number of times it was used for each single service
  • Evaluate
  • Type total: total of the amounts played for the single service (surebet, valuebet, exchange)
  • Bonus: register before validation in My Profit
  • Balance: total amounts played, considering all services. Taking an example of the screen above:

valuebet 94 + surebet -140 = balance -46

The Balance Sheet is the fundamental tool for analyzing how the funds are distributed across the various books.

For a better evaluation of the performance of BOOKMAKERS HITS, we are provided with filters to create reports based on books, monthly payments and services:

For each report you want to produce, the TOTAL PROFIT is automatically recalculated, to determine the profit over a period (per month) and/or a specific service and/or book:

Once you have set one or more choices, click on the APPLY FILTERS button, while to return to an original situation click on the RESET button:

Profit Tracker: the real annuity

All the recorded data is summarized in a single powerful tool, a fixed point that indicates the ratio of the total amount invested as a function of the real income received.


For each single service the following are calculated:

  • %: the average percentage reported in finderbet services
  • TOT : total amounts played for all books
  • WON: total perceived as real gain
  • ROI %: ratio in % between total wagered and real perceived profit
  • BONUS: total bonus registered

It is important to point out that the % indicated in the service may be different from theROI %, considering that quota balancing, rounding of amounts and wagering imbalance can be adopted, all of which influence this deviation. The ROI% is the real income that you are receiving with finderbet services.

With finderBet finally a


Are you ready to always WIN?