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Matched Betting: what is it

Matched Betting: why do it?

If you plan to create a GUARANTEED monthly income by delving into the world of betting, the first step is to sign up with bookmakers.
To acquire new customers, bookmakers offer a variety of different bonuses and that is why they use the Matched Betting methodology, to:
  • Convert bonuses into real money
  • Capitalize and then go on to create a monthly income with surebets
  • It is risk-free; there is only guaranteed easy profit to be made.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a system for obtaining a guaranteed profit from sports betting, through the exploitation of bonuses offered by bookmakers, who try to encourage customers to sign up and play.

There are two types of bonuses offered:

  • Welcome offers for new members
  • Recurring offers for existing customers

All bonuses have the following characteristics once they are available:

  • It’s potential money, not real
  • They cannot be withdrawn, they can only be played
  • They have a short-term expiry date.

From here we understand that everything leads to encouraging gambling, but with matched betting everything becomes safe, it is not a game of chance and you earn money by creating capital to invest or withdraw.

Obviously the same initial rules as surebets apply:

basically it’s the same way of winning by adding something to it, below we’ll see what.

How does Matched Betting work?

There are different types of bonuses, but the Matched Betting technique applies universally to all, what can change are the conditions, but the methodology remains the same.

The offers are characterized by specific rules that must be respected if you want to obtain the bonus, for example:

  1. Place 50 and get 50% bonus
  2. You play 50 and if you lose they give you 15 back
  3. If you play 100 every week, the following Monday they will credit you with 10
  4. Special bonus on a bet on a particular match or particular type
  5. Place sports bets with a minimum odds of 2.00 and if you lose, a refund is given
  6. Rollover: play the amount several times (eight times) within a certain number of days of crediting, before it can be withdrawn.

Matched Betting is the method through which bonuses are converted into real money, let’s see how we can proceed at finderBet.

Matched Betting with finderBet's dutcher

There are two phases to receive a bonus and convert it with Matched Betting:

  1. Carry out the action according to the rules established by the book to receive the bonus
  2. Convert the bonus into real money

If the action in point 1 turns out to be simply a deposit, you move directly to point 2, but if it involves playing to lose or to move, you must place 2 or more bets:

  1. Bet to receive: played to receive the bonus (you play 50 and if you lose they give you 15 back)
  2. Bet to convert: the bonus is converted into real money. When it’s real money, it can be withdrawn or replayed.


Below is an example for placing the bet in point 1:

Bet 50 and if you lose it gives you 15 back

  1. Select bonus book
  2. Enter amount 15 on BONUS
  3. The bonus is automatically distributed over the two games
  4. Place bets with the specified amounts and odds


If you win, the BOOK BONUS does not credit anything and the game ends like this.


If you lose, the BOOK BONUS credits 15 and you proceed with a second bet (Bet to convert)


Hence the easy deduction:

With our SUREBET you can also do Matched Betting



If I can't find surebets to do Matched Betting?

It may happen that at times there are no surebets for a specific book of interest and this is why combinations with negative ROI of up to -1% have been made available.

How to proceed:

Matched betting filters

  1. Open FILTERS
  2. Select BOOK BONUS
  3. Select Matched Betting -1%
  4. Click “FILTER”

With FinderBet you can match betting with your


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