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finderBet: surebets calculator and Dutcher software

finderBet: Complete guide on the "Dutcher" calculation software

In the following guide we analyze the SureBet publication page of the finderBet software, how they are organised, how to use the filters and functions of our “Dutcher”, the calculator that will allow you to place your bets in a simple and immediate way SureBet.

SureBet: The exclusive advanced search

We have developed the first advanced search tool, extraordinarily powerful and useful, to search for just a few event or championship surebets among the thousands available:

  • I have to search for a specific match/league to unlock a bonus
  • I only want to play in major leagues and not minor leagues
  • There is a promotion on a specific event
  • Search for an event track to play an increased

Here are the great tools:

  • Direct search on the page:
    1. Type part of a text
    2. All championships and events containing the text appear automatically
    3. Select championship or events
    4. Click “Search


  • In the environment filters: search for a championship and save it in the filters.
    1. Type part of a text
    2. All the championships containing the text appear automatically
    3. Select league
    4. Click “Filter

For further information on permanent filters, please refer to the paragraph “SureBet ValueBet Exchange: Filters functionality

SureBet: I update as and when I want

An important function is being able to choose the service update time, allowing you to have free choice of time depending on the bet placement activity or to perform an AUTOMATIC REFRESH depending on the set time.

After setting the “bell” to active (green), you must choose the update time:

  • 15 second countdown
  • 30 second countdown
  • 60 second countdown
  • 120 second countdown
  • 240 second countdown

As soon as the countdown reaches 0, a sound signal will be emitted and the new available surebets will be highlighted, highlighting them in red:


By deactivating automatic refresh, you can perform a manual update with the appropriate button.

For the purposes of placing the bet and in order not to lose the reference, the countdown is suspended when the dutcher opens  dutcher

SureBet: Example of publication

Below is an example of two SureBet, we comment on the individual parts of which it is composed:

SureBet list

Each SureBet has an alternating light-dark gray bar to visually distinguish its profit value (SureBet Profit).

By positioning yourself on the odds, the complete description of the type of odds you are going to bet on will appear, to avoid errors in interpreting the odds acronyms:

Tipo odds 1 Place the bet on sign “2 / Final result 2” of the bookmaker at odds of “1.65”

Tipo quota 2 Place the bet on the bookmaker’s “DC-1X / Double chance 1X” mark at odds of “3.00”

By placing the two bets you will have a certain SureBet profit of 6.06% of the total sum bet on both odds (€100).

An important feature for the purposes of placing bets is to have the date in RED for all those events that start within 15 minutes:

Dutcher: the automatic calculator

To find out the amount of money to bet on individual odds we use the «Dutcher».

We click on the “Calculator” icon, the section relating to the details reported in the SureBet strip above opens. In Dutcher the odds and the details of the bets become editable, so you can vary based on the amount of money to bet and the odds if they have changed in the meantime.

The base of the sum of the bets is set at €100 (Total Amount), which can be changed according to your availability, and the “Bet” are automatically redistributed based on the value of the odds:

Bet1 + Bet2 = Total Amount

62.00 + 38.00 = 100


Every single part of the Dutcher is editable and can be changed manually by the user, let’s see what happens in the calculator:


  • Odds: if the odds change, SureBet’s profit changes, the important thing is that it is always a positive profit.
  • Stake: changing the single bet changes the Total Amount and the corresponding € profit.
  • Rounding: very useful for automatically setting up or down rounding of bets, because it is always advisable to bet round figures.
  • Amount Tot.: Total amount is distributed on the bets based on the relationship with the odds, in the example it goes from €100 to €150 and then it was changed the second bet to €55, with rounding to €1

 The profit of SureBet and ValueBet is divided into 4 color bands:

  • 0 – 2 green
  • >2 – 5 light blue
  • >5 – 10 orange
  • > 10 red

Multiple odds: how to view and differentiate them

It often happens that some books do not allow you to play single odds and this makes the calculation of the stake useless for surebet purposes.

By default, bets that contain odds that can only be played in triples are excluded from the display, but there is the possibility of being able to highlight them in the calculation, let’s see how to proceed.

Before starting to place bets and view the services we always recommend setting the user filters first, fundamental and useful element for maximizing earnings.

In the user filters section we find the following entry:

By placing the checkmark on “View surebets with multiple odds” you activate the possibility of viewing those odds to be played in multiples, which are combined with odds that can be played in singles.

Within the services, the odds linked to the multiples are highlighted in GREEN, compared to the other that goes in combination. Let’s see an example of how it appears in the surebet and in the calculator:

Pay attention, it is not a surebet a price to play in triples, which goes in combination with a price to be played in singles. Before activating this function, which can create confusion and lead to a certain loss, it is necessary to study professionally how to cover a triple bet, take advantage of bonuses and have a long-term profit. In this finderbet does not have an implementable and advisable winning recipe, but only gives greater possibilities to those who have the preparation and ability to exploit them.

Switch Odds: Change odds or odds not available

For a better evaluation of the bet, it is often necessary to examine the odds available from other bookmakers. The most common reasons for such an assessment can be:

  • I have already placed a bet, but the odds from the other book are no longer available
  • I have already placed a bet, but the odds of the other book have changed
  • You want to evaluate whether there is a better odds on the market than the bet you are placing
  • You want to evaluate the odds of other books to which you are not registered

The first two points are crucial for the surebet to be successful and bring profit or you will have to resort to minimizing losses.

For all the aforementioned evaluations, the powerful tool made available is called Switch Odds, identified by the icon positioned inside the calculator:



Clicking on the icon opens a panel on the left “Switch Odds“, which identifies for the same market as the specific event of that surebet, bookmaker and alternative odds. The column will contain the 3 pieces of information for the specific market (example = 1):




You can see that both the markets of “my bookmakers” are proposed (See paragraph: General account filters: how to set them), but also of all the bookmakers available in Finderbet, in case you want to evaluate the possibility of signing up with others.

When the alternative book/odd is selected, it is reported in the calculation and the ROI of the surebet will be recalculated:


Dutcher: the true power of tools

Let’s discover all the potential that our Dutcher makes available, to improve the gaming experience and realize the sure win.

In order for us to be successful in placing bets, our dutcher comes to us by highlighting which is the “wrong” odds, i.e. the one that generated the surebet and was compared/calculated with everything else. This is why we have made the traffic light available:

tells us visually what the odds that the SureBet generates and theoretically it is the one that could change first. If no odds are highlighted for a surebet, the situation is equal, one is as good as the other, and this is why the following percentage has been introduced:

For a better evaluation, the percentage reported below the book identifies the difference of the odds compared to the average of all the odds of all the books; the higher it is, the greater the probability that the odds can change quickly.

Setting the stake of a book: it often happens that you have to set the stake of a book, which is very useful for managing funds.

Imbalance of profit to the advantage of a book: useful for being able to bring all the profit to one book and eliminate the profit of the remaining ones. In this case it is useful when an odds is lower and consequently the probability of a certain win increases.

Below are the other functions:

  • Direct link to the match
  • Save your bet in the Profit Tracker (for the functions please read the specific guide)  and will allow you to insert a note of the bet:conferma_salvataggio

Surebet: Hiding a bet

A surebet may be hidden from the publication’s list for one of the following reasons:

  • You have already placed a bet and don’t risk playing it again
  • There is an error in the calculation, because it is misinterpreted by the system
  • An event that has started and still appears in the list
  • An event hidden or blocked by a book

When you no longer want a surebet to show in the list, justhide it with the appropriate button:

Once you click on the button, the confirmation selection window will appear:


It is possible to select one of the following elimination options for a surebet/event:

  1. Delete MARKET from Book1: delete the market (odd type = U-2.5 ) for book1
  2. Delete MARKET from Book2: delete the market (odd type = SG-3) for book2
  3. Delete MARKET from Book3: delete the market (odd type = O-3.5) for book3
  4. Delete this MARKET for all bookmakers: delete the market (formula type =
    U-2.5 / SG-3 / O-3.5) for all bookmakers
  5. Delete this EVENT for all bookmakers: no surebet will be shown for this event, for all markets
    of all bookmakers

The DELETE button confirms the operation

The CANCEL button cancels the delete operation

SureBet alternatives with the same match and odds type

If there is a particularly favorable odds for mathematical calculation,
sister or alternative SureBets are created, i.e. SureBets that present the following same data, ordered
in decreasing order by profit percentage:

SureBet alternatives = (Same match + Same type of odds) SureBet main

In the example we have a main SureBet (6.06%) and clicking on the “Binoculars” icon opens the session with 3 alternative
SureBets, highlighted by the orange section. For both the main SureBet and the alternatives, we can directly open the
Dutcher and proceed to calculate the values to place the winning bets:


General account filters: how to set them

Environment filters: saving, editing and deleting

Let’s go through all the steps to set a filter, edit it and delete it. You start by opening the environment filters
using the appropriate button

The disappearing column will open on the right of the screen of the page of the service you are viewing:

Let’s see the individual fields that can be filled in, specifying that multiple filters can be used/applied for a
complex search:

    1. Bookmakers: One or more bookmakers to be selected from those available, non-exclusive, i.e.
      those who also have combinations with other books are selected. Those filtered in “Account/Filtri“

are excluded

  1. Comparison: One or more bookmakers to be selected from those available, exclusive, i.e. they
    are selected from those that have combinations with each other and not with others. The
    Comparison or the Bookmakers can only be used one at a time, one excludes the
  2. Sport: Select one or more sports
  3. Category: Select only the markets you are interested in
  4. Min. quota. – Max. quota: Minimum and/or maximum quota calculated in the service
  5. Date fields: select the period FROM – TO when the match is played
  6. All dates: time range within which the match must be played
  7. Minimum profit. % (ROI): the minimum profit to be sought, the combinations are listed in
    descending order in the service
  8. All bets: 2-event or 3-event combinations can be distinguished
  9. Championships: search for one or more championships and save it in the filters.

Once the filters have been set, it is possible to save thempermanently, i.e. it can be recalled at each

example filter

  1. Select the environment filters described above and as in the example you can select multiple
  2. Enter the name of the filter (my filter)
  3. Proceed to Save
  4. The name of the saved filter appears below

The saved filter can be recalled at each visit and more than one can be created and saved. If you need to make changes
to a filter, simply proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the edit icon indicated by the arrow
    2. Enter or edit available filter options
    3. Click on the UPDATE button
  1. If the changes are not necessary and you want to return to the original filter, click on CANCEL

With the “trashcan” icon the saved Filter can be permanently deleted

Sorting of SureBet and ValueBet

To facilitate the display of SureBets and ValueBets, you can use the sorts at the beginning of the display table. It should be noted that the data, at first glance, are always sorted in descending order by “Profit value” expressed as a percentage.


There are two systems foreseen:

  • Profit: Sorts the percentage of profit expressed as a percentage
  • Date: By the date the match takes place

To apply the Filter, select the corresponding item, it becomes bold, and click on the appropriate icon:

Order ascending Sort in ascending order

Descending order Sort in descending order

Profit Tracker

For additional information on the Profit Tracker and saving your bets, please refer to to the appropriate guide

Are you ready to always WIN?