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Safe Betting: Helpful Tips

SureBet Betting: Helpful Tips on SureBets

We care that you win with safe betting, so we suggest you follow the following good habits, limit your mistakes and maximize your gains:
  • Bookmakers always monitor your bets
  • You may run into misinterpretations when placing bets
  • Experience helps you improve
  • With the finderBet service you can win

  • By signing up with as many bookmakers as possible, you will have more chances to place your surebets, increasing and diversifying your earnings.
  • Have some initial capital to invest. We suggest that you spread your capital as evenly as possible across each individual bookmaker account.
  • The time factor is crucial; you must have capital already paid in, because it must be immediately available to place bets. Always consider that quotas are often fickle, changing abruptly.
  • Never make very high bets, like € 1,000 on a share, you risk that it will not be accepted or that you will be limited. Start with small stakes and progress over time.
  • Some bookmakers have a minimum bet limit, know them well, otherwise you won’t be able to optimize your bets to get a surebet.
  • Make multiple small bets, but never on the same stake in the same game. Play a surebet only once.
  • Round up the figure you point to. If, for example, the Dutcher calculator predicts betting event1-€12.38 / event2-€7.62, round up to event1-€13 / event2-€8, ideally round up to 5 event1-€15 / event2-€10 even if it leads you to a less than perfectly distributed (average) return, you avoid being caught by the bookmaker.
  • You must always have confirmation that the bet has been accepted. In case of refusal by the bookmaker, never repeat the same bet.
  • The time factor is essential; try to learn the best way to place bets quickly.
  • Always check that the quote reported by our service, is the one proposed by the bookmaker. The quota or quota type may be different from what is published. In case ask the bookmaker’s customer service or read the rules. If doubt remains, report it to us in CONTACT.
  • Avoid high percentage surebets (>15.00%), as they are very fickle, the odds often change due to adjustments made by the bookmakers. You risk that once you place the first event, the second event is already varied and you can no longer play it, because it no longer generates a surebet and therefore you go into a loss. in case a partial paizzata bet situation is generated, go into hedging to limit the risk.
  • Play the most popular odds of the most popular games: These high-stakes events more easily escape bookmaker scrutiny and have less fickle odds.
  • You will happen to do matching betting because you received a bonus. To convert it to real money try to lose in the bookmaker that offered it to you (bet a high odds) and win in the corresponding surebet bookmaker.
  • Not immediately withdrawing the money received from a win may be grounds for limitation by the bookmaker. Do this regularly when you have accumulated a series of wins that have resulted in a sizeable nest egg.
  • Read our manuals, the more prepared you are, the more immediate it is to capitalize on your winnings. If something is not clear to you or you want more information, we are at your complete disposal, CONTACT US.

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