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Sports betting broker

Sports betting broker

Sports betting brokers are the best intermediaries on the market, between bettors and bookmakers.
They allow free access to a selection of the largest bookmakers with a series of notable advantages:
  • Have no odds or bet restrictions
  • Do not be LIMITED in time, as often happens directly with bookmakers
  • Being a completely safe tool
As proof of the advantages, the broker takes care of receiving deposits, proposing the best odds for a given market
of a match and acting as an intermediary in placing bets.
But can you make sure bets with brokers?
The answer is doubly YES, because it offers the best odds and you can bet on bookmakers that cannot be reached from

SureBet Broker

Let’s see how below!

Why use a broker or intermediary of this type?

For the Italian market there are a series of limits in placing bets for some bookmakers, here are some:

  • You are often limited in your bets: bookmakers monitor the movements of their subscribers
  • If you are a winner you are often banned, because you are “bad” customers
  • You cannot focus on foreign sites, even if they are reliable, such as Pinnacle, because there are economic
    policies that restrict markets between various states
  • You cannot have access to the Asian market, which is highly appreciated and proliferating with opportunities for
    sure bets

In response to these restrictions, a winning strategy, the BROKER, can be applied which allows you to:

  • Have access to different bookmakers in one place
  • Get the best odds for every bet with one click
  • Have no betting limitations
  • Have access to the Asian market
  • Manage your funds in a single account
  • Continue betting, even if you are a winning player
  • Being able to bet on sites where you cannot register, see Pinnacle

In conclusion, the broker makes sports betting simple and accessible to all bettors. It bets for you and, if the bet is
successful, collects the winnings and deposits them into your account.

How can I reach a broker?

The brokers cannot be reached from Italy, so it is necessary to modify the internet settings (DNS) so that you have the freedom to use these services.

How to change DNS in Windows 10

To proceed with changing the DNS on Windows 10, just follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the Start button (the flag icon located on the taskbar)
  2. Select the Settings item (identified by the gear icon) in the menu that appears.
  3. Select the items Network and Internet > Edit tab optionsand choose the name of the connection you are using. For example, if you want to change Windows 10 DNS to Wi-Fi, choose the network called Wi-Fi, for the LAN one, however, it is called Ethernet.
  4. After locating the network card, right-click on it and choose the Properties item in the context menu.
  5. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  6. Enable the Use the following DNS server addresses checkbox.
  7. Type the following Google DNS server addresses:
    1. Default DNS server:
    2. Alternative DNS server:

Below is an example of the settings made:

How can I use a broker?

Once the network setup is complete, you can proceed with the following steps:

  • Open one of the links below
  • Sign up to the broker
  • Make a deposit, there is a minimum deposit required (€100), which will be your wallet and will be used to place bets.
  • the wallet is unique and you can use it for the different services of the broker.
  • Some offer a welcome bonus, which will add to your funds for placing bets
  • The broker will act as an intermediary, placing bets on the best odds proposed by the bookmakers

Some bookmakers are called with a name different from the international brand, for example PINNACLE=PENTA88 or PINNACLE=PS3838, but from a practical point of view it makes no difference to you what it is called the bookmaker, just:

  • Locate the match
  • Select the best odds proposed
  • Place the bet with available funds

Below is an example of what the operating screen looks like:

To be able to proceed with an evaluation of the platform, simply register with the link below and be able to TEST the platform, without obligation and without necessarily making a payment:

  1. Registering is free and without obligation
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. PRODUCT menu
  4. BLACK by BetInAsia


  1. Registering is free and without obligation
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. PRODUCT menu

PINNACLE.COM called PS3838:

  1. Registering is free and without obligation
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. PRODUCT menu
  4. PS3838



It’s good to know:

  • The Broker does not retain any commission, neither on the odds nor on the bet: he earns on the turnover and receives the commissions from the proposed bookmakers, with the exception of some bookmakers treated
  • To be able to bet you need to register and make a deposit, simple!

If you wish to receive legal/tax information when operating in areas outside the jurisdiction of the AAMS, we recommend that you contact your consultant on the matter or alternatively a professional in the sector.

How can I reach ORBIT or

ORBIT.COM cannot be reached from Italy, but it is possible to use a VPN service, which allows a connection abroad:

  1. A VPN software, there are several free ones and they are convenient because they are independent from browsing.
  2. Using the browser works with the integrated VPN and connecting to Europa:

Which brokers to sign up to?

Below is one of the most important and reliable international brokers, if you sign up with the following link, you will help us support our daily commitment,

because our work is YOUR SUCCESS IN WINNING


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